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Every Sprouter comes with free 1lb bag of Organic Broccoli Seeds ($24)

Every Easygreen comes with:

  • Mist generator and filter
  • 96 Activation Timer
  • 5 x Food Grade Quality Plastic Cartridges
  • Drainage Tube
  • 4 Month Factory Warranty (extended warranties available 2 & 3yr)
  • 1lb bag of Organic Broccoli Seeds ($24 value)

"Warranty includes all labor and parts".

The Easygreen Automatic Sprouter is the ideal sprouter for any busy person.  Just add seeds and water, the Easygreen does the rest.


Quality water is essential for the production of nutritional rich sprouts.  Here at Life Begins Raw, we add Adya Minerals to the water for our sprouts; helps produce a higher yield and  Chlorophyll Pigment.


Easygreens Unique Technology:

Seeds generate chemical heat during germination and need to be cooled to avoid mold and rotting. The EasyGreen™ uses a patented technology where mist and oxygen are applied simultaneously to the seeds, thus both cooling the seed’s water and air and oxygenating the seeds and water. Sprouts require little water but abundant amounts of oxygen. Other automated sprouters and conventional sprouting methods supply plenty of water yet only provide natural air displacement. 


1.   Inhibitors in seeds are the natural defense mechanism of seeds acting as a deterrent for germs and bugs. Some sprouters re-circulate the same water! Your sprouts are then irrigated with water containing toxins and inhibitors, defeating the concept of using clean, good water for your sprouts. Bearing in mind that sprouts are made of 80% water, using clean water makes sense. The EasyGreen™ drains all used water out of the machine.


2.   Sprouts are sensitive to environmental conditions and climate changes. For example, in warm, humid areas such as Florida and Hawaii, it’s virtually impossible to sprout with conventional methods. The EasyGreen™ works in all these areas year around!


3.   Managing and controlling the humidity within the machine is critical to the sturdiness of the sprouts. The EasyGreen™ uses a unique 96-activations timer, allowing the grower to fine-tune the machine to his or her specific environmental conditions.


4.   Unlike the EasyGreen™, other automatic sprouters do not have a built-in water reservoir and cannot select the source of water to use. The EasyGreen’s built-in water reservoir is compatible with either de-mineralized water, distilled or R.O. according to your specific needs.


5.   The water reservoir allows adding minerals that enhances growth, such as  (16oz treats up to 150 gallons), liquid kelp or hydroponic growing solutions. No known conventional or automatic system allows the same flexibility.

Adya minerals


6.   The built-in water reservoir allows the grower to add solutions that assist in disinfecting the crops, such as hydrogen peroxide. 


7.   The EasyGreen™ unit uses about ½ gallon of water in 24 hours due to its fine misting activity. Sprouters that use an automatic irrigation system need to be plumbed and use 3.5 to 5 gallons of water a day!


8.   Seeds germinated in conventional sprouting methods such as jars, bags, trays etc. need to be MANUALLY rinsed 3 to 6 times a day. The EasyGreen™ rinses automatically as many times as needed a day during the complete growing cycle. 


9.   Conventional sprouters require a pre-soaking operation of 8 hours up to 24 hours, before commencing the propagation of the seed. The EasyGreen™ requires NO pre-soaking. Seeds are placed in the tray or cartridge DRY and the machine takes over, soaking, rinsing, misting, oxygenating and draining automatically. Thus saving you an extra day of pre-soaking and the manual handling of the repeat daily rinsing.


10.  The misting and oxygenating automatic cycles assures quickest harvest; 15% to 40% quicker then any sprouting method.


11.  Unlike other automatic sprouters, the EasyGreen™ uses a mist generator. No sprinkles or foggers that will clog and may stop irrigating without the grower being aware.


12.  Some growers prefer to use soil for some crops such as wheatgrass or sunflower greens. Other sprouting methods are soil or soil-less (Hydroponic). The EasyGreen™ may use both concepts! With no damage to the machine or crops.



We've been experimenting with sprouters for years using quart jars, sprouting bags, trays and the Easygreen sprouter.  If you don't have the time to rinse your seeds 4 to 5 times a day, the Easygreen sprouter does it for you.  With the Easygreen you don't have to pre-soak your seeds anymore.

Sprouts are real-life vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. They are one of the most complete and nutritional of all foods tested.

Sprouts have a higher biological efficiency value than whole seeds, raw or cooked. Less food is required, yet more nutrients reach the blood and cells. They have a regenerating effect on the human body because of their high concentration of RNA, DNA, protein and essential nutrients that can be found only in living cells.

Sprouting Broccoli seeds has become extremely popular after it was discovered that they abound with the highest concentration of the amazing cancer-fighting phytochemical, External link opens in new tab or windowsulforaphane.



This is a photo of my own personal crop after five days with front door off using water restructured with Adya minerals.  Notice the rich green Chlorophyll Pigment;  it's just full of nutrition.


Starting from left to right:

Broccoli seeds day five

Broccoli seeds day four

Alfalfa seeds day three

Clover seeds day two

Broccoli seeds day one


I will be using my day five broccolli sprouts today.  I use my fresh sprouts daily in my green smoothies.  You can use them any way you want.  Sprouts are best used at peak of production.  You can store them in the refrigerator but I prefer them fresh so as to absorb the most nutrition.


Once I use day five sprouts I will rinse the tray and refill the tray with a half to one tablespoon of seeds.  (You can use the half size ten trays if you don't use as much sprouts daily.  We use plenty of sprouts daily here).  Placing the new tray of seeds in my Easygreen sprouter on the far right moving each of the other trays over one spot.  A perfect five day rotation.


Cost savings:

Look at the cost savings growing your own baby greens, micro greens or sprouts yourself.  A 4oz bag of organic seeds is approximately 10 tablespoons.  One tablespoon of freshly sprouted organic seeds will fill a quart jar (32oz).  A 2 oz tray of brocolli sprouts at your local produce market cost about $4.  At the least 16 2oz trays would cost about $60.  One 4oz bag of seeds (alfalfa $3, broccoli $8) could save you as much as

$600 if you were to purchase your sprouts at your local produce market.


The savings from sprouting one 4oz bag of broccoli seeds is more than the cost of 4 brand new Easygreen Auto Sprouters.


Please also take into consideration you don't know the freshness or how long the sprouts purchased at your local market have been refrigerated. 


I truly LOVE the simplicity of my Easygreen sprouter and the nutritional benefits it offers.