The Crystal Pearl creates Energized Water for superior hydration. Energized Water is efficiently absorbed at the cellular level, and this allows healing, regeneration and maintenance of living cells.


I use Crystal pearls incombination with Prill water to create a pure, Energized water.


Crystal Pearls are created from Laminar Crystal.


It is the nature of all crystals to do "specific things". Basically they are capacitors. They accumulate specific energies and when they have gathered enough of their particular energy they release it and repeat the process. It can be said that the entire complexity of the world is simply the study of form or crystals. The science of crystals is both extremely simple and vastly complex but basically the word crystal is just another word for "form".


There are basically two kinds of matter: two-dimensional or flat, and multi-dimensional or flats working with or against each other. The Laminar Crystal is simply a primary flat grouping of individual crystals and so long as it is organized in a flat formation, it has a very specific energy handling characteristic. Regardless of the size of this formation, the type of energy that it will accumulate and resonate will always be exactly the same.


A Laminar Crystal has a specific energy handling characteristic; it is a specific accumulator of the primary raw materials of the universe, i.e. Love. It accumulates the primary matter of creation. It forms in flat plates and when two of these plates are stacked, they do not accumulate twice as much of this matter, they accumulate many times what one would because the resonate of the first feeds the intake of the second. The effect of one is one and the effect of two is four, the effect of four is sixteen and so on. The universal constant is that the matter the Crystal itself accumulates is always specific to the Crystal and since this is the primary stuff of creation, the work being accomplished is the act of creation in the young and re-creation in the old.


If your life happens to be the creation of issue, enhancing the ambient force that supports this activity can, potentially at least, make it last longer and possibly make it more enjoyable. As it appears to me, the energy to be active is the point of life. The more of this energy that you have to spend in your daily activities the more you will be able to accomplish, whether this be work or play.

In the case of the Crystal Sleepers, Crystal Pillow and other devices that are made of more volume of the Laminar Crystal, the result is like changing the size of the glass of water from eight ounces to sixteen. In the case of stacking the Laminar Crystal the result is that of multiplying the effect by factors, which is the case with the Crystal Cupcake and other devices made by fusing the Laminar Crystal in layers.


The original stone was a demonstration of stacking and very little Laminar Crystals so that one fed the next and so on. This produced a huge increase in the ambient amount of the force in the space around the crystal and resulted in changes that were so dynamic as to easily be considered miracles when compared with the normal of the world around it. The original stone had the advantage of placing the Laminar Crystal in a far more ridged condition and thus made it a far better collector of the released force from the donor source. Today these ceramic applications are what are available and I will leave the merits of this to the individual who chooses to have the experience. This information does not come without some warnings: All the matter of this world is made of exactly the same primal material. Configuration of this matter into structures that are not consistent with the safeguards built into the design of nature can result in production of things that you will have to deal with or perhaps live with.


All the items made with the Laminar Crystal are purely offered for your experience. This substance is common to the world, but accumulations of it suitable for application appear to be extremely rare. There are over 3000 flat crystals and they all have specific characteristics, but only one does what this one does. Experiment at your own risk.


If you sleep on this Crystal the amount of creative raw materials will be dynamically increased and your restorative or regenerative abilities will be dynamically enhanced. The difference between the high volume effect of the sleepers and pillows and the effect of a higher ambient are virtually the same, from the standpoint of increasing the creative raw materials available to your on-going creation or re-creation.


The Laminar Crystal products come with only one warning: This material is just like money, it can be saved or it can be spent. If you save it, it will restore your vitality and return your youth. If you spend it, you will accomplish more in a day and perhaps increase your productivity, but you will have to choose to do one or the other. Even though I understand this subject well enough to make it work, as has been proven by the results of tens of thousands of people, this effect is not without limits. If you choose to spend your new vitality chasing the virtues of this world, you will eventually reach the limits of the gift and I do not know how to give you more.

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 "It's not what you digest, it's what you absorb."