Life began with water and if it is to be restored, good water must surely be the place to begin.


Prill beads will lower the surface tension, raise the pH, and improve the ORP of the water you treat. 

Precious prill beads


Prills are made from magnesium oxide that has been energetically treated.


Placing common water in contact with Precious Prills causes a remarkable thinning of that water. The resultant liquid is known in nature as "Dew". Dew is about half the thickness of common water. Skin tissue absorbs it where it repels common water. This can be the moist internal tissue of the digestive tract or the somewhat drier tissue (skin) found on the outside of the body. Living cells that are properly filled have excellent dynamics, while cells that are under-inflated or perhaps even worse, over-inflated, are extremely vulnerable, both to absorption of toxic energies and to attack from predators. Proper liquid stasis relates directly to cellular longevity and cellular longevity relates directly to longevity itself.


Even though the alteration of physical characteristics of water by Precious Prills does seem to render this liquid far cleaner that its parent "common water", Precious Prills were not designed to be a water purification device. There are many other adequate water purification devices (filters) available. Because this liquid doesn't support lower life forms such as germs, bacteria or fungi, it can be said to be antiseptic.


The water made when Precious Prills comes in contact with common water is a wonderful moisturizing liquid. Most of the pain in our bodies can easily be tracked to a shortage of moisture, called "dehydration". This liquid has the power to reduce pain and thus reduce the stress caused by it. Precious Prill water is also supportive of the formation of beneficial compounds that support good "young" chemistry.


To create your Prill water you:


    1) Begin with a glass or glazed ceramic gallon jug. 


    2) Rinse your bag of External link opens in new tab or windowPrill beads (3oz) well to remove all magnesium oxide dust. 


    3) Place your beads in the bottom of the jug (you can keep them in the bag or place them in loosely),  


    5) Fill your glass or ceramic jug up with water, do not replace the lid if chlorine is present in your water. 


    6) Let stand for 24 hours.

You now have Prilled water. You can pour off 3 quarts, always leaving one quart of water covering your prill beads.  

Now add some External link opens in new tab or windowActive H2 and make your water a "Powerful Antioxidant"

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You can also add Crystal Pearls to create an Energized water. Refill your jug and from here on it only takes 1 hour after your first batch to have recharged energized water. You now can be transferred your prill water into a quality plastic container safely, I perfer glass.

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Precious prill is a one time purchase for about the same price you spend on 2 cases of bottled water. Saving you hunderds of  dollars a year. Offering optimun moisturizing ability to hydrate the cells of your body..


Precious Prill water is Dew, the liquid plants and people use to produce the more complex materials of life. Plant cellulose changes common water into dew and this liquid is found in fruits and seeds. It is the most appropriate moisturizer for all living cells and the precursor to the formation of Magic Water.


Restoring the dew of our planet is restoring its future.


When you make and use Precious Prill water, while enjoying life a bit more, you become one of the active environmentalists on this planet. Precious Prills, the Twilight Laundry Appliance and the Shower Converter are all powerful environment-restoring tools.


  1. Precious Prills are used to make excellent moisturizing water, often directly from tap supplies. Some waters may require pre-treatment.

  2. You can make up to three quarts or three litres per hour from your Prill Water Factory, which is simply a glass or ceramic jar that holds four quarts or four litres, with one package of Precious Prills.

  3. Precious Prills were designed to make water wetter and thus a better moisturizing liquid. Even though the effect does have a remarkable cleansing effect on water, Precious Prills were never intended to be a method of cleaning or filtering water.

  4. When you receive your Precious Prills, place them in a clean glass or ceramic jar and add four quarts or four litres of quality water.

  5. There are many different grades of Prills Beads. You want the highest quality of Precious Prills beads for the purpose of making drinking water with a great taste.


Use Prill or Energized water with Himalayan Crystal Salt to create your Sole (So-Lay).


You can put two gallons of the Prill water into a bath and fill the rest with hot water for an exquisite soak and rejuvenation. When you drain out the tub, the waste water goes into the water system to begin the process of transforming the water in your area.

Prills produce a water that is de-clustered to virtually single molecules of water that have the hydrogen and oxygen atoms bound extremely close. It is even superior to "clustered water" that you may have worked with before. When you drink Prill water, you are getting maximum benefit of the water that you drink and it is going right into the cells.



Never buy bottled water again!  A one time purchase that will last a life time.  Saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

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Trans Derma Prill Beads
Trans Derma Prill Beads


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Lake Mead


Jim Carter (1947-2005) the discoverer of Prill Beads, located in Boulder City, about 20 minutes from Las Vegas and on the edge of Lake Mead. One of the amazing stories Jim told was that the Prill Water made from the Prill Beads has the potential, when adequately deployed, to clean up the water on the face of the Earth. Jim's Prill Water disposal and runoff from the manufacture of the product goes into Lake Mead. Lake Mead was a polluted, dead body of water. After four years of Jim doing his little part with the Prill water, a newspaper article says that right at the dam, Lake Mead has some of the purest, most pristine water on Earth, somewhat like glacial water. The Establishment has not a clue what caused this. Jim had been clipping articles throughout the period as things have changed. When you fly over Lake Mead, it is no longer green, it is beautiful blue water and plant life is beginning to show up.



"It's not what you digest, it's what you absorb."

Healing from the inside out. 


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